Rights of agency workers from the first day of work

Agency workers or temporary workers are those workers who sign the agreement with an employment agency which finds them the job in a company. These workers usually sign temporary working agreements, lasting from one month to one year, and this agreement is possible to be renewed or terminated, depending on the performance of these workers in the workplace.

Many agency workers are not aware of the fact that they have thetimthumb
same employment rights as the regular employees in a company. This can put them in an unfavorable position if they are mistreated by the employer, because they do not know that they can file a complaint or stand up for their rights. This is the reason why you need a good attorney in case you are having a problem, but not any attorney –  PR for attorneys are the first step in choosing the attorney so make sure you check these. As an agency worker, it is important to know that you have equal rights as the regular company’s employees, together with some additional rights that help protecting you.

know-your-rightsFrom the first day of the assignment, agency workers have a right to equal treatment. This right is based on an assumption that the company has an employee or employees who does the same job, so that the agency worker’s rights and entitlements can be equal to the one of this employee’s. If the company has no other employee or worker on the same position, then there is no entitlement to equal treatment, since the comparison cannot be made. Nevertheless, the rights of the worker still include the right to access all collective facilities and amenities within the company, and the right to receive information on job vacancies, which are common for all the employees and agency workers within the company.

When it comes to company’s facilities and amenities, every employee and agency worker needs to have an access to them. These facilities include: canteen, transport services, toilet and shower facilities, staff room, mother and baby room, parking, waiting room, vending machines etc. These facilities are usually related to the building where you work, but they may also be somewhere else. The employer needs to provide access to all the workers and employers to these facilities no matter where they are located.

Agency workers, just like the regular company’s employees, are subject to being protected from discrimination. It may be based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and religion. If you are an agency worker and you feel that you have been discriminated by either the employer or the company’s employees, you are entitled to filing a complaint. If the problem persists, you also have the right to take adequate legal actions and take the problem to a court.agency-workers-regulations

As far as information on job vacancies is concerned, again equal rights are granted to employees and agency workers within the company. They will be allowed to see vacancies in the establishment where they are situated for work, and the employer has several ways of providing information on job vacancies. It can be done by displaying the information on the company’s notice board, by putting it on the company’s intranet or by advertising the open job positions.

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